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  • CompTIA expecting rise in ediscovery use

    It’s not exactly a surprise that CompTIA is expecting more companies to use ediscovery software in the coming years.  CompTIA is on top of this “story” largely because they’re one of the top IT certification companies in the USA.

    Many companies are what I call “semi-prepared” for ediscovery work – the tools may be in place but they’ve never all been under the same ediscovery umbrella.  For example, informal internal investigations may be launched if an employee is suspected of embezzlement or theft of IP, but that may result only in the termination of the employee and not in any criminal charges (depending on the severity of the crime, of course).  IT workers may know how to capture packets across the network, but may not follow a certain set of steps that make the process transparent and able to hold up in court.

    CompTIA is in a very good position to create and manage an eDiscovery certification shortly.  They released a paper called “Ediscovery Trends and Practices” at the end of 2009, which at the least demonstrates that they recognize the eDiscovery market as a growing market worth paying attention to.  I’d be curious as to see what the requirements are if CompTIA is going to offer a certification – there are quite a few separate and important tasks that could all be classified as ediscovery (data collection, document review, computer forensics, etc.), but I would hope it wouldn’t just be a generic “Ediscovery project manager” type of cert.  I’d personally want the cert to be a bit more technical and to demonstrate a thorough understanding of all necessary steps.

    Of course, this is all under the assumption that CompTIA is going to offer Ediscovery certification, and they may never even do that – just speculation on my part!

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