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  • Fulbright and Jaworski release 7th Annual Litigation Trends Survey

    Fulbright & Jaworski have released their 7th Annual Litigation Trends SurveyEDD Update has a few of the highlights, including the result that regulation compliance is becoming a chief area of concern for survey respondents.

    I also noticed that there are a high number of respondents that believe the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure should be pared down to limit the scope of electronic discovery in civil cases.  I have to generally agree, but I wonder what type of data should be off-limits for ediscovery?  If anything, I would like tape backups or other media that is not used during the normal course of business to be discoverable only if data was found to be intentionally or maliciously deleted.

    Of course, I’m still somewhat surprised that more firms aren’t employing social media to their advantage, but then again, I wonder how much of an advantage can be really be had in this industry.  For example, the exposure/usage of a Facebook group is probably minimal for a law firm, but that’s no reason to avoid having a simple blog on your website.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see some ambitious junior associates willing to write a few paragraphs every month on interesting legal topics, and it offers a stage for impressing senior partners.

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